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Oral Shower / Oral Irrigator / Dental Shower

Oral Shower irrigator vs Dental Floss and Interdental Brushes

Can an oral shower (oral irrigator/ dental water jet) substitute dental floss or interdental brush?

No, or lets say: only sometimes. The oral shower has other specific use than dental floss and interdental brush. This three products are only partly substituting.

Is an oral shower suitable for the improvement of the dental care daily?

Dental Shower / Oral irrigator / Dental water: stream of pulsating water to remove plaque and food leftovers between teeth. Further to massage the gums. That is comfortable and has a high compliance for users. But that doesn´t mean, that an oral irrigator is alway the best or even the right solution to improve your individual dental health / daily dental care. Read more about specific advantages of oral irrigator / dental shower in comparison with interdental brushes and dental floss.

When to use dental floss / When to prefer a dental water jet / Advantage interdental brushes /

Improve your daily dental care

Thats so easy, when you find out, which dental care product fit best to your individual needs. Here at dentifix.info you will find lot of aspects helping you to optimice dental care and save mony. Means in caxse of dental shower, that yo may save the money for it and find much better solutions to improve your individual dental care.

Comparison. Oral Shower irrigator = Munddusche

Oral Shower

Oral Shower vs Dental Floss


An Oral Shower can clean interdental spaces from food leftovers and maybee from (very) soft plaque (which is only some hours old). Means: a oral shower can not replace interdental brush oder dental floss. But an oral shower is very usefull for applicating mouthrinse, e.g. CHX mouthrinse, which can be used in half concentration for same effect, when unsed whith an oral irrigator. You can use an oral shower also for massage the gums.

Resumee: An oral shower waterjet irrigator can not replace dental floss oder interdental brush.

more about oral irrigators and interdental care.

Oral Care ...
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Improve your daily dental care

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E 'una doccia per via orale (irrigator orale) adatto per il miglioramento delle cure dentistiche ogni giorno?

Dental care newspaper. Here information about use of oral shower / dental irrigators

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