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Dental Water Jet. Usefull to buy? ... Yes, it is!

Oral Irrigator

Optimal dental care includes three basic things:
  • cleaning the surface of the teeth
  • cleaning the areas between the teeth (interdental spaces)
  • the massage and care of the gums (cleaning at and below the sulcus)
In addition, the cleaning of the tongue may be useful (tonque cleaner).

A good toothbrush and the proper systematical use of it are the basis of daily dental care.

Between the teeth, you can clean and maintain oral healt with dental floss, interdental brush or an oral irrigator. Each has its specific advatages.

The irrigator has the advantage that the water cleans dentures and hard to reach areas between the teeth.

Interesting is certainly also the Airfloss irrigator by Sonicare Philips. This dental care device uses a spray of a mixture of water and air. It is not realy comarible to an typical oral irrigator. The Airflos is more or less its own class of interdental cleaning product.

Oral Irrigators / mouthwash / dental Water Jet are, for example, Oral B, Oral Breeze, Profloss, Waterpik, ToiletTree, Conair Interplak, H2Oral HydroFloss, ViaJet or Nais Panasonic.

Dental Flos Flossing can get from Jordan, GUM, Glide, Oral-B, Reach, Listerine, Dr Fresh, Supersmile, Colgate and many other brands.

Interdental brushes are available, for example, of TePe, Dentaid, AIM, GUM Butler Sunstar, DenTek, Piksters, Colgate (like Elmex Brushes), Curaprox and many other brands for dental care products.

So far this english language information about dental water jet in our dental care journal at dentifix.

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